i have audacity, yes i know it sucks, and i want to record a song with a drop-off track. by drop off track i mean a low frequency noise that starts pretty intense and then drops out, it is commonly used in rather new styles of metal like 2-step. i dont know how to go about making one or if you even can. so, if you can help i would greatly appreciate it.
ummmm its been a while since i have used audacity but there is the noise generater or some **** near that that will do that, you just have to edit it with fx and such.
yeah, i know. but i cant get the right formula. that's what i need help with
well audacity is limitid in what you can do. so the best i can tell you is to get the plug ins for it and mess with stuff
I edit a lot of my stuff with a free program called GoldWave. I've been able to get some pretty neat sounds off of it so I'd check it out too. Not sure if it can do what you want unfortunately.