Hi all, and thanks earlier to everyone that will answer me!!

I'm doing Great Balls of Jerry Lee Lewis with my guitar, and this is the link to the tab that i am using:


Now, here's my question:

I want to do a solo on it, during the part where there isn't voice (don't know if i can call it correctly the "piano solo" part), but i don't know which scale i should use!

Can anyone tell me which scale i should use and in which tone?

And, less important but i still need to know it for the rhytm guitarist, which chords it plays during that part?

I really hope that you of ultimate-guitar will help me very soon, because me and my band got a gig this week, and we must do that song too!

Thank you very much again to everyone!!!
lot of reads, but no answers

no one does really know it?!?

i started playing my guitar with the help of this forum...hoping that it won't betray my confidence this time...

please anyone help me!!even if you aren't sure, also some suggestions will be helping me!!

thanks again to everyone