i have been playing guitar for about 3 years now and thought i would branch out to bass as some of the theory translates over... i picked up a vintage (by wilkinson) V900 active bass as a trade for my ibanez jetking 2 and £25.

anyone had any experience with these? i searched but didnt find anything.... i know the shop guys well so i can swap it if i want to...


Thank you please.
just by googling it looks like you got ripped off dude.
The Jetking 2 retails for about £40 more than the bass new.

However I started out on one of those basses, and I really liked it. However I found the neck felt too soft for me, but apart from that it was a really good bass to start off with, light enough to throw about, and played pretty nice

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cheers man.

i'm not too worried about losing a few quid as the ibanez is now second hand... i had some good use out of it...

thanks for your input.

Thank you please.