Hey guys, Im going to buy a Ashdown ABM C210T-500 EVO III combo, Its 575Watts @ 4 ohms.
What Im planning to do is add a ASHDOWN MAG410T (450 watts @ 8ohms) and ASHDOWN MAG115T (250watts @ 8ohms) in series.
What i want to know is what the impendence would be, and if i will blow the mag115. And since it is a combo, i reckon the combo speakers would be at 8 ohms, and the external cabs would be difference, would difference resistance in a parralell circuit would cause short circuit, or uneven output in the speaker cabs?
Two 8 ohm cabs in series would be 16 ohms, but they won't be in series. They'll be in parallel and have a total of 4 ohms, and it'll be fine.
If I was to have them in parrallel would I have to unplug the speakers on the combos? Which I want to keep plugged in.
Ah I see your problem. Yeah, you would have to unplug the internal speakers. Basically you have three 8 ohm cabs there. You could put them all in series, but you'd get a lot less power out of the amp. Do you really need to use all three cabs at once?
Ive been using the EB15-180 for a while, and love the tone of the 15". having three of them would mean that i have somthing like a full stack, but with 6x10" 1x15" and 2 horns, and easier to transport.
I dont think the combo will let me have all three in series. and since its gona have less power, i will save some cash and not get the 15 incher.
Thanks alot mate