Ok, my Amp seems to be seriously screwed up, so i plug it in, (ive got a legacy LE10D, SD-1 overdrive)and i can here anything even on full volume, there's more or less no sound, if i use it with the Boss pedal you can kind of here it but unless its on full gain, you don't hear any distortion, and there's heaps of feedback.

so is it worth getting it fixed? is there anything i can do to fix it myself? dropping it and kicking it hasn't helped lol , id like to buy a new one but im a poor kid with out a job, and my parents are real stingy so they wont buy me a new one. what should i do?

I just looked at this
would it be worth bidding on? and is it likely to go up in price much more?, ive actually got $200 something on my card
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well, according to Google this is a solid state 12 watt bass amp no?

if it is tube amp - change the tubes
if it is a solid state amp - time for a new amp.

I don't know anything about the Peavey Studio 112 you linked us to but it looks pretty solid. Maybe someone else knows more.

where do you live, can you check Craigslist, can you save more? Crate V18s are on sale for $149 and Peavey Vypyr's are inexpensive modellers. Never played either tho.

good luck
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