The opening
closing rhythm of the door
was marred by certain beads
of painted colloquial
fresh from the corpses of spray cans
giving birth to long formal speeches,
complete with
dreams in between covered censures.

Night and day beneath the cover'd park
washes certain hands
I do not know of; they are blurred by the camera's
stripping abstraction.
I could use the wrinkles to tell them apart,
but it's all useless now.
Our uniqueness is a blind veil to the eye.

Your shoes
pixelated nike swoosh
outlined figure 8 cursor
"inappropriate for funeral" design
is what tells you apart.

"Haughty errors derive their inspiration
from the folly of animals,"
is the motto of mankind.

To preserve meat
not to eat but sell
is the distinguishing mark
of anguish and vanity.
The look of it on the plate is secondary to the taste.

So who cares
if the calendar is a millisecond too late
in turning the page in accordance to the date?
The hand that holds the page is now guilty of treason,
so he washes it with the sun's rays
making it pure,
pure like the first day of March,
or rather, what we think it is.
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