this kid (his name might not be justin able, or as i say, jiblets) swore up and down for years that he would never get a myspace. I went to school with him. he proclaimed that myspace is the devil. people get kidnapped and raped because of myspace. so when my best friend showed me that he somehow attained a myspace, i had to check it out.

it says hes from alaska (he lives here in illinois), but my theory is that he is too stubborn to admit he has one and doesnt want his "friends" to know.

thats not the interesting part.

this kid is one ugly mother****er. hes half korean, and thinks he is the biggest cowboy ever, and is totally obsessed with anime. also, he is a ninja, for reals. he owns a relatively large buster sword. his hair was about two feet long before he cut it, and it was nappy as ****, but now it curls in like a bowl.

now really to the point:

there is a picture of him that he took and the caption is

"there is no excuse for how good I look"

that broke me.

(Invalid img)

his myspace

well, i thought this was amusing enough to pitch to the pit.

also, some pics of him on a leash at an anime convention.

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fantastic... I just wasted a minute of my life.

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Heh, I assume it's all in jest.

I also don't like msypace, but I'm considering getting one after school is finished so that I can keep in touch with people from school and new people I meet. Everyone's got one (that was also my excuse for not having one, lol) around my area, but it was more of a "we got it, you get it or don't be cool" thing for the last year or so.
looks like he can handle that sword as much as i give a ****.
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What the FUCK is that sword???
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Man that's badass.

i cant think of anything to say

Say nothing then...
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Let him do what he wants. It doesnt hurt anyone.

Don't be such an idiot.

That sword is awesome, I can see the mako in his eyes.
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Nappy? You just used nappy as an adjective?

I think I now hate you and your whole family.
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Dude, if your gonna humiliate some one on the internet (especially the pit) do not, i repeat, no not mock someone with a big ass buster sword
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no i believe i used nappy in the correct context as a verb, describing his hair.
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he does look quite annoying, but he has a big enough buster sword to make it ok :\

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Looks like he'll be shooting up a college campus or a school soon
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What the FUCK is that sword???

Final Fantasy 7 - Buster Sword

Awesome...except it's the weakest in the game...
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he has 23 friends, who gives a f.uck about him
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... you look like your 12... maybe 13..

i lol at the comment underneath the pic.
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He's had it for 2 and a half months...you tell us now, why?
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i'm sorry comrade, but you fail.
Let me get this straight...

You're complaining about a kid who got a Myspace because he thinks he's better looking that he really is? And to top it off, you posted a link so that the Pit will probably harass him?

Seriously dude...
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Final Fantasy 7 - Buster Sword

Awesome...except it's the weakest in the game...

someone really know his fantasy stuff lol
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