Anyone watch the Dukes of Hazzard? Not the 2005 film, the brilliant 1970s TV version.

Yee-ha! *plays Dueling Banjos*
It was an okay franchise.

Happy Days or Cheers, Frasier or Seinfeld, Just Shoot Me or Married With Children are all superior SitComs. I think people like the show because it's cemented into pop culture, though it wasn't that fantastic.
And the movie really killed it.
I still masturbate to that car.
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That is priceless man, you might be my new idol.

TS, whenever I see your username, I misread it as "isuckhardcocks."

Just had to get that out there.

We're ticking away, the moments that make up the dull days
hate the show.

oh, point of order: Dueling banjos was never on the show. Waylon Jennings did the theme song.
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I know. I just said Dueling Banjos because, well, it's the type of thing