Poll: whats better acoustic or electric?
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View poll results: whats better acoustic or electric?
17 28%
43 72%
Voters: 60.
Usually acoustic has a much better feel and tone to it. But sometimes you just gotta crank your amp up and jam out
Acoustic, I like the sound more and they're easier to carry around
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play both. That's what I do.
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electric is so much easier to play dude. acoustics are okay but i get so bored with them really fast...
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acoustics are okay but i get so bored with them really fast...

same here.. voted for electric
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I'm not going to vote because each one is useful for different ideas.
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It depends what sound your looking for... i like playing acoustic but recording ambient licks and atmospheric loops on electric. Quite verve like... Acoustics are harder to play though.
Electric. So much more versatile and interesting.
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play both. That's what I do.

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I voted acoustic for its portability and natural tone, but I wouldn't place electric too far behind.
My favourite guitar since I got it is easily my 12-string acoustic.

So for me, right now, only taking into account what I own, acoustic.
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i have a les paul - epiphone ,and an apx 500 - yamaha acoustic..and i like both but electric i definatly use more for band practises and gigs and stuff and my acoustic i usually just make up songs on.