What do you guys think of these couple of tunes I had made? I was thinking of redoing them or trying something a little different with them. I had actually stopped recording myself for the longest time, and thought it might be time to start up again. I am completely self taught and was using scale tabs for my solos, so that's why they sound a little weird. It was my first time trying to do lead work so be gentle, lmao.

Thanks man, I appreciate it. I am always my own worse critic and hear all the faults with my recordnings, so it's always good when you get a compliment on something. I honestly wish I knew how to program drums as that would be awesome to be able to play and have drum tracks for them as well. I had beatcraft, but couldn't do **** with it, lmao. I used acoustica for all those recordings and found it worked nicely for what I needed it for. You can have tons of tracks recorded so I could layer the guitars and add lead workd and everything (these are not layered, only two tracks for each tune I beleive).