For any WI musicians out there, I am looking for anyone to jam with or start a band or something, I love the Blues, and anything classic rock, indie, just whatever, I wont be back in WI until Nov. but looking to see if there is any interest out there....I am overseas currently but would love to get back home and jam ASAP! thanks
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Where are you located in Wisconsin? I am near Sheboygan, halfway between Milwaukee and Green Bay.
I'm right near the edge of Calumet/Manitowoc/Sheboygan counties, in a little town called Kiel.
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anybody else you know that would like to play? I've got just about all the PA equipment we could need and amplifiers. I can switch between bass and 6 string if needed.
I'm a rhythm guitarist in Port Washington, in Ozaukee County. =/
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anybody interested in getting together and jam? let me know and we can set up a place and time.