Ok, so this is my page for songs that I've been writing, and I'm hoping to record some good takes, and put out an album once I get the equipment to realize my artistic vision.
Eventually, on the album I plan on having basic Guitar and Vocal based songs, with some Banjo leads, Harmonica fills, and subtle Jew (Jaw) Harp over the whole thing. Maybe I'll even drag out the ol' Tele for some nice twangy leads or solos. Oh well, someday. For now I have my acoustic guitar/vocals/harmonica demos up, so them out. I wrote them all except where i noted they were covers. Let me know what you think.
Thanks a lot,
okay, well i thought i was alright, not great though, idk, the way you sang it, to me, was kinda weirdish. it was either super nasaly, you wanted to sound like that, or you have some crazy accent. the music was fine, except on the second song, it seemed pretty super off kinda. and the lyrics were pretty weird. i suppose better recordings would eliminate the off sounding stuff in the second one, but i dont know whats going on with the singing, if thats how you want it to be then okay. but other wise work on it.

could you comment on my band if you like?
yeah, after reading that comment, i decided i should actually listen to my songs, and yeah, the recordings are really bad. but rest assured, my voice isnt that bad anymore, that was about 2 years ago. i might try to redo some of those, but it seems futile with just my tape deck.