Anyone have a video on how to get the intro down to times like these ...I found one but doesnt show with the d chord shows with some other d chord which doesnt sound correct....
Right thats what i tried but it doesnt sound the same and some other videos show hammering down on the d...As did dave grohl does on his acoustic ver. which is on youtube

Or is the electric ver. with the d13 chord and acoustic is with the hammeering down on the d?
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I used a youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCUrhjJ975g i noticed after awhile the chord for the intro was wrong...its actually using the hammer down on the d..

Kinda need a video to show me for the beat ...if there is anything out there , couldnt find

Listen to the song?
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Sorry for the bother, I got it on my own..I'm learning so i'm new at this...Thanks..