Recently whenever i've tried playing bass and i've turned on my amp, i've heard a crackling/clicking noise for a few minutes which has then disappeared. I originally thought this was my lead going, but i eventually bought a new lead and the problem still happened. Today when i plugged my bass in, i heard the familiar crackling noise, but after the few mins, my amp just cut out completely; it made no sound whatsoever.

Is my bass amp broken, and, if so, is there anything that can be done about it? I'm using a Roland Cube 30 that i've had for 9months-ish now.

Thanks for any help you may provide.
I had the same problem with soume weird unheard of bass amp and my problem was that there was a lot of dust in the headphone socket and the dust leant on the sensor thingy in the socket which caused it to make no noise. Or like above, the input jack could be loose.
ive heard that dust inside the amp can make it crackle, and thats why a lot of old amp do that
Eugh, well thanks guys. Unfortunatley i didn't fill out the warranty card, so i guess i'm gunna be forking out for repairs. I might hoover it or something, just in case there's dust inside.
i'd take it apart first before taking it in and use compressed air and clean all the electronics and jacks. take off the knobs if possible and do the same to them. if all that doesn't work you'll have to take it in.
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