I was recently looking at strings on strinbusters and i noticed that D'addario did alot of their sets with a wound 3rd string like you would have on an acoustic but for their electric sets. I was wondering what the benefit of this was?
tuning down
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Feel mostly? It may have an effect on tone, but if it does, then it is negligible. My brother used 11's with a wound G for the longest time (just switched to 9's, like me, though).

The biggest difference I noticed was that it was harder to bend it, but it wasn't that big a deal.

+1 to tuning down. Never though of that, since neither of us go below Eb standard.
It's slightly more stable tuning-wise, and it gives notes a little more pop.
Not all of us who use heavy gauges tune down, y'know (first two posters). My electric is strung with 11s or 12s and I play in standard. My acoustic always has 12s on.
There was a time long ago when the 3rd string was always wound. Pretty sure it was tbone walker who started using a plain one. I have tried them but you have to fix the slot in the nut so a wound string wont stick. And its not the best for lead work. If you just do rhythm might work fine. I went back to regular .11s for drop tuning.
yeah i agree thicker gauge strings are not just good for downtuning they have a better tone in general in my opinion. i did wonder about tuning stability as the G string does seem to be the problem string when it comes to tuning, but then for alot of harmonic tricks especially envolving the whammy bar the G string is the best string but would this not be the same with a wound string?
I hate wound G's, and I use 12's.

But I just put a set of flatwounds on one of my guitars, and a flatwound G isn't that bad.
what are flatwounds actually like cos they sound interesting but i;ve never played any how do they feel and play?
Quote by symanoy
what are flatwounds actually like cos they sound interesting but i;ve never played any how do they feel and play?

They feel very similar to plated strings. Very smooth and slick. They won't give you much string noise.
an improvement on regular strings? are there any disadvantages of them?