I have an old Kohler brass bass bridge with a whammy bar. I have heard they are rare. It was put on my bass wrong so the intonation is maxed out but I still can't get it right so I need to replace it, just wondering if it's worth anything.
A Kahler?

If it's in good shape, then yeah, it's worth a good bit. The Kahler and Hipshot bars can get pretty expensive, so resale should be good.
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Considering that Kohler makes toilets, I think you have a rarity on your hand.


Should be worth a fair bit, provided you can keep it in one piece. Maybe $200? More maybe, depending on how much Kahler's go for new.
Crap, actually it is Kahler. Their name is in cursive and I read it wrong. It's in good shape, slight oxidation of a couple of parts such as the allen screws. I think it's at least 20 years old. I got the bass in the early 90's and it had already been on there for a long time. I'd keep it but I can't figure out the intonation, I have it adjusted all the way down and it still needs to go further. I'd probably have to cut into my bass and lower it or something.

Back when I was playing around 1992 I didn't even know what intonation was but now I'm back into it after learning guitar and it's driving me crazy.

Mine's real similar to that except it looks even older, the intonation adjustment is a split design. Mine's brass too, looks gold. That one went for like $150, I guess this one would be in the same ball park. New ones are about $250 I guess.