a while back i posted asking for help using different capacitors connected to toggle switches inside a guitar.

i'm trying to stay away from a rotary and would much rather use actually toggles. someone was kind enough to help me with this:


1 2
3 4
5 6

Capacitor lead | Other capacitor lead
Tone pot lug | Ground
Jumper - Jumper

my questions are:

1. how would i wire a on/on/on dpdt for 3 different capacitors? assuming the middle selector would be the original bypass.. or would i have to wire it using an on/off/on and the off is the bypass? i guess i'm confused as to if the original capacitor inside the guitar needs to be unsoldered from the ground and soldered onto the switch, or if the 2 additional capacitors can just be soldered ontop of whatever the original stock values are. i don't know what the technical term.

2. do i have to use dpdt? would spdt not work? how come? is it because there are not enough poles to ground the capacitors on the spdt?

3. if the switch is soldered directly to the hot output, will the tone knob still control the tone of the new capacitor? or will it only control it if it is set up and soldered to the tone pot?

any help would be greatly appreciated.. i played a gretsch that had some cap switches on it that i absolutely loved. i'm trying to rectreate the love i had for that on the guitar i have now.
1. You can't. An on/on/on means one/both/the other (a 3-way pup switch in older guitars).

2. Yes, and you're sort of right.

3. The switch has to be conected to a tone pot in order to not be a treble dump.
Actually, you could get three different amounts of capacitance with the DPDT. Have one cap with a small value, one large, and then the middle would have both caps in parallel. I've completely forgotten how to calculate the capacitance of two caps in parallel, but it'll be somewhere in the middle of the two.
thanks for the replies. i guess i'm just confused as to how this gretsch had 3 different capacitors hooked up to a 3 way switch. hmm. maybe they were running in parallel? or is there some other way to wire more than 2 capacitors with a switch? i guess i might do 2 mini toggles with different capacitors in both neck and bridge tone knobs.

also, should resistors be used with the capacitors? are they necessary? what values should i be looking at?

i really appreciate the replies!
Resistors shouldn't be necessary for the tone pots.

The Gretsch could have had a DP3T switch, which would allow three caps. It's a bugger to find them, though, and it's probably fairly expensive.

Actually, 2 switches might be interesting. Then you could use one cap for the bridge, one for the neck, and get a larger difference in tone between the two. Just a though.
You have to have resistors in parallel to the caps or it'll just be a treble dump and won't make much of a difference at .022 or .047 or w/e values you use. Remember that the tone pot is simply a variable resistor. Varitones (at least the old ones) used 10M resistors parallel to the caps.