Hey guys.. maybe some of you can help me with this problem.

I just bought a E-MU 0202, and I've been having some annoying trouble with it. When recording, the output will randomly start to crackle and make lots static noise, along with sometimes being muted. It's not input clipping(as I can see in Cubase and from the LED), and also because something I have recorded when it was doing the static, can later be played back without any problems. The problem sort of occurs randomly... but usually within minutes after I start recording. The sound problem will last from 30-60 seconds before going away for again 30-60, and then it comes back. The issue happens in all recording programs I've tried - SONAR, Cubase, Ableton.

I've tried with lowest bit depth and sampling rate, along with a buffers size on 20 ms(really shouldn't be a problem). My computer is more than capable of handling my lite recording(Athlon 64 X2 6400+, 2 GB Ram PC5400). I've also tried updating drivers and firmware.

Any ideas here? Can it be some background application that needs to be shutdown?
Turn off any wireless devices that you may have, that's definitely a huge one. Uninstall any other soundcards OR deactivating them in the control panel may work. I had these problems with my 0404 USB as well but now I can use it without any problems.
I don't have any wireless connection installed on this machine. I've never tried disabling my realtek audio though. Thanks for the advice man!! I'll write back to later whether it works or not.
It could be a driver issue. I suggest trying to get your hands on an older driver if you can.

Drivers do effect sound. They are also very hard to make since they can work very well on one machine, but be crap on another.

I second turning off your old stock card. You may have to disable your card before installing the software and drivers for the new interface.

Bingo! So far I haven't had any trouble with the sound when I disable the realtek ALC888 audio device(aka. my sound card :P). I'm pretty sure it was the problem. Damn that's a relief.

Thanks for the replies and the help! Really appreciate it!
I have the same problem and i have tried your solutions with no luck. I´m running on ACPI x64 BIT Windows 7 Home Premium system, AMD Phenom II x6 1090T 3.2 ghtz, 12 GB´s of RAM, 1 TB´s of HDD storage (no SSD), Emu 0202 USB with Stock driver install and Prodipe 5 speakers.

I get the problem when i use the soundcard/monitors for a longer period of time, for example, when i record in cubase, produce in FL Studio or just stream youtube. When it accurs, i have found, the best solution for ME is to shut down the entire system (pc, soundcard and monitors and let it "cool") i can choose to just shut of the soundcard and monitors, but that only helps for a little while.. The noise sounds like static noise, but it lowers and raises the sound output (not volume control button, but the level of which the sound can be heard..

I desperately need help.
As i am trying to feed my self throu my music, i can´t affort to wait for sound problems

I know, the right solution is to buy a better soundcard (M-Audio Profire 2626) and better speakers (Genelec 8050A + sub) but i need money, before i can buy any thing and this situation isn´t exactly speeding up the proces... HELP PLEASE...!