Ok so my parents just came back form mallorca spain and my dad bought me this wierd 5-stringed instrument. its got nylon strings 4 frets then one long one. wooden tuning pegs.

id put a pic but the thing says the files to big.

any ideas of what it is?

Edit: 6 stringed!
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were gonna need more details, I think. maybe it was some odd influence to the guitar?

You could just do that......and that's probably just something for show dude.

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im gunna put it out there...

based on the craftsmanship, your old man made this himself to stash smack in rather than shove it up his arse.

pull the frets off, and if theres no white powder under there, you may have first born son to be your sex slave

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it's definitely Spanish firewood.
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Damn, if I had that thing I'd go Pete Townshend on it's ass.

No offence.
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it's definitely Spanish firewood.


I'd still keep it as a memorabilia... may not play but still nice for decoration I guess.
its looks like a 1930's fisher price/ playschool toy guitar
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