I am looking for a pedal board tuner. Nothing fancy, just need something to get the job done and I'm totally open to suggestions. I was thinking either the boss TU-2 or the Korg pitchblack.
The pitchblack seems good and has an all metal case. I'm not a fan of boss, but I don't see how a tuner could be bad.
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you hit it right on the head, those are the 2 best and most used
the tu-2 is probably the most famous, but people immdediately liked the appeal of the pitchblack because its true bypass, right?
i would say if you can try the pitchblack than do so and than you judge, otherwise you could probably just get the tu-2, its great
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the planet waves pedal tuner gets the job done well for me very big display and very bright, also true bypass.