Well he thinks he knows everything, he just got a laptop and he thinks he's a computer whiz, he forgets his key and we can't get in so I break into his window, (didn't break the window) and then heel go on about how he could of picked the locks. It's really annoying.Also according to him, everything he has is better because heel think up some excuse. Such as, my tv is olny 36 inches therefore it has sharper image, mines a 44 and has HD though... Anyways it's little stupid things like that and it annoying, why even bring things like that up?

Anyways I've come to the pit to ask how I can get him back or make him stop, thanks

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annoying friend thread

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Make him prove he can do all this stuff. If he can't you have a right to tell him to stfu.
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Get him to prove the stuff he says he can do. See if he can walk the walk.

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you cant make him stop.. some ppl are just born jerks lol. for getting him back....uh...claim to know everything aswell? punch to the throat?
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Ejaculate in his shoes.

Or if your friend has a beard.... :P
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dick kick
or just ask him to prove it everytime he says something
there really isn't a way to make someone like this stop as far as i know
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Make him prove he can do all this stuff. If he can't you have a right to tell him to stfu.

That basically, or just cut out half the effort and tell him to shutup anyway, or kill him, your choice.
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Ejaculate in his shoes.

I second this, or you could hot karl him.

Hot Karl - To crap in a tube sock then hit someone with it. (Notice Carl is spelled with a K, when spelled with c it means something different.)

If you dont feel like doing either, kick his ass.
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shut up.

"Spin the middle side topwise. Topwise!"

"And there's Jimmy Page, the biggest thief of American Blues music"
Prove him wrong on stuff. Hell, BS your way if you have to.

I.E. "I can break locks"
"You can? How?"
"I just ________"
"Wait, you can't do that or else you'll break the door. You retarded?"
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he must have a really tiny penor if he's that insecure about EVERYTHING
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shut up.

what song is that in your signature? i've been trying to get into PTH and am just looking up some of their songs.
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One of the few threads where "Kill him" is applicable.....

But seriously, just kick him in the crotch as hard as you can next time he does it, guarentee you he'll never do it again.

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I have a friend like that.

Example, we were in a conversation on how many hours we work a week. I said I usually work from 11 am to 4 pm, or 7 pm, and he's like "so ya you work like 28 hours a week I work 31-31 per week", just to be better than me. Then, I got my pay stub which said I worked 38 hours, and he's like "I work 40 now".

I hate that.
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annoying friend thread


Is this him?

I can see why you think he's a jackass.
They don't think it be like it is, but it do.
Confront him, when you're alone in a room together.

Just say something like "If you keep on exaggerating and acting as if you are the greatest genious of the world, you might as well search for new friends.
However, who would want to be your friend?
It is time for you to choose..."

Proceed to walk backwards out of the room (facing him) with both your arms stretched out above you and fingers pointing to the sky.

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Shoot him in the kneecap. Let him feel how annoying that is.
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