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49 40%
Surf Green
75 60%
Voters: 124.
So, Pit, I'm getting an old half-finished Strat body soon. I'm gonna strip all the old stuff off it and give it a fresh new look.

My question is - Surf Green or Black? I'm into both hard rock, like AC/DC, and the classic stuff such as Bill Haley and the Comets. So I don't know whether I want an all black, hard-rockin' axe from hell, or a 1950's hot-rod surf machine.

I honestly cannot decide.


The black one looks VERY nice!
Has that sleek, professional look to it.

The green one doesn't look too nice to me
I hope it doesn't seem, like I'm young, foolish, and green.
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Black looks like a Squier, green looks like a proper Fender. Go with green.
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I've always liked Strats in wine red with a maple fingerboard.

Unfortunately, then it wouldn't match my other gear, so my Guitar Gear OCD won't let me have one. I'll have to stick to black teles.
The green.. Why? its so ugly it rawks!
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the green,almost everyone has a black geetar
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Green, black guitars are just a poor idea. Fingerprints/smudges/dust/scratches all show up way too easily.
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The green would look really wicked with some scratches n just a beaten up look...

I'ld like to own one...
Sunburst with a rosewood fret board pwns all.

I'd go with green. Atleast its something different, black is pretty boring imo.
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Green every day, perfect colour for a strat, Little Wing and Hotel California and all that stuff man !
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Sunburst with a rosewood fret board pwns all.

I'd go with green. Atleast its something different, black is pretty boring imo.

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Surf green is one of the best colors ever for a Strat.
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i'm quite surprised at these results, i thought black would get the most votes because it looks fawkin br00tul, but seriously surf green looks great
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black...black pick guard...white pickups....maple neck...shortened tremelo arm (david gilmours XD)

seriously get the green and thrash it a bit
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surf green
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Isn't Yngwie Malmsteen's Signature Strat surf green?

The black looks ugly.
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I'd say green.
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surf greem, with a black pickguard. that would like awesome.
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I like it because its all black. Black strats with white pickgaurds just look, like you want to fall asleep. I like that one.
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Why is it that almost everyone has said green but the results are fairly even?

Could be the people voting black aren't commenting. Personally I would take the green and as previously stated thrash it a bit and maybe leave it in the sun for a few hours give it a sick vintage look. Anyways good luck with it hope it turns out nice.
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Black looks like a Squier, green looks like a proper Fender. Go with green.

Pretty much. Get green.

Only get black if you can get gold hardware. Black with any other hardware is boring, unless it's got really nice binding, inlays, etc.
i like the surf green shade, but i don't like it so much in combination with the white pickguard. it looks too fisher price-ish, or like one of those starter pack squires imo. the black is a bit too black, i like my guitar to stand out, rather than blend in to everything around you (assuming you're gigging, there's enough black going around as it is). maybe a lighter wood color for the neck and definitely the headstock. also some more white on the body of it. really they both look cool though.

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