we have played a few house shows but nothing major.. so a the other saturday we played our first real live show which happened to be a battle of the bands, we got 3rd out of 11 bands and really had the crowd rocking. The guy that won played piano and was a different genre and the second place was a jazz rb band.... so does that mean we lost "artist of the night" but won "rock band of the night" haha idk... but for our first show to place was pretty cool.... def not satisfied though

our myspace has a new look as well as pics from those shows

friend request us and let us know what u think

peace and keep rocking

I listened to Candy Lady, well half of it, and I digged it. You sound tight and all.

Which member are you by the way?

And also, 1 of your guitars in that recording is clean...it really doesn't work I'm sorry. Put at least a little edge to it with even light overdrive and a tiny bit of delay and it won't sound so out of place. The guitar part itself is great, it's just the tone that's not helping.
the singer and other lead guitarist share this... we are the main songwriters, yea the other guitarist tone is a little to clean on that demo version.. live it has alot more kick to it.... thanks
given the fact its a demo version, not too shabby sir. well, the singing to me was a tad weird but thats the way like it mmhmmm.... some nice riffy stuff riffin around the riffers woot yyeah! uh, uh ,uh yeah. alright sweet yeah good, mhhhmmm yeah, good stuff really, i enjoy for the most parts, in the begining it seemed as if the drums had a little bit of an offish feel but you know, its just a demo. so yeah. pretty tight, get some good recordings and kick an ass.
good? yes.

if its not too much trouble it would please me and my band if you listened to us and possibly commented mmm. thank you?

oh man, i REALLY like the song candylady, i've sent a request from my band...
come check out my band

we're an experimental blackened groove metal band

lol that seems to always happen some guy playing a slow song wins battle of the bands, id feel annoyed but not bad