hi guys,

i have a question. I want to custom build a kurt cobain jaguar. I need help with somethings.
Replacing the pickups - two single for two humbuckers. Kurt uses Dimarzio superdistortion and PAF. I want to know this - are those humbuckers white or creamy? I just want to be 100perc sure, i try to post a pics, cos i think im like color blind in this case. - problem solved
Next thing - Gotoh TOM bridge - i want to buy one BUT - gotoh offers one with small posts and one with larges. Those small ones are 4mm in diameter those large ones 11mm. Those holes on my jaguar are 8mm. So now wot a fak. Im thinking about buying those large ones and extend those smaler holes on the guitar so it will fit. What do you think?
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get a 66. That way its not completely like Kurts. It still has a bit of your originality in it ya know? like its cool to have Sig models. but have em customized somehow so a bit of yourself is in them. I dunno I like having my own style.
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No, actually, he didin't. He wasn't pleased about JagStangs quality, he used mostly Fender Stratocasters and Jaguars.
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what Kurt played doesnt matter. You can check here what Kurt played http://www.kurtsequipment.com/.
Most important right now is what colour are those humbuckers. I have pics in my profile. They look like cream but hell maybe theyre white...
What do ya think
If you do it exactly like Cobain's and have a TOM instead of the stock bridge, then you want the regular spaced pickup and not F-spaced, also you want PAF PRO.
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Creme all the way dude, much more classy than a brilliant white.
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All he ****ing wants to know is if the pickups were white or cream. For gods sake.
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thank you guys! I love you so much - it took like 8 answers to get there but thanx to all of you, i reopen this case when i move a bit forwards. thnx dudes
kurt used mustangs i think
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Guys new question,
who know the answer and helps me solve my next problem.
Bridge - on that reissue mustang is pritty shit.y as on every reissue jaguar to make it look like kurts i need a gotoh TOM bridge. BUT. The thing is that they offer TOM bridge with small posts and large ones.
Small ones has posts 4mm in diameter, large ones 11mm in diameter. Those bridge holes on jaguar are 8mm in diameter.
which ones do you think will be better?
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All he ****ing wants to know is if the pickups were white or cream. For gods sake.

Erm no he didn't, re read the first post and get laid or something.
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Cream looks about right. not only that but the cream would give it that "aged-white" look, almost as if it were and older guitar you were playing anyway.
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