yea i just won a guitar at the canfield fair in out in ohio, for any1 who knows about it, its a full size acoustic, well maybe a little smaller than full size, but it sounds surprisingly good, i was thinking about spray painting it and using it as a decoration but now i dont want to ruin it so i can play it cause it doesnt sound to bad, would spray painting hurt anything with the wood or watever? byt the way i was just gonna mask off the fretboard and bridge

and my second question is i have another guitar (kinda forgot about it) but i got it cause i wanted to paint it, and the wire have been cut to the pickups, i just cut them using a wire cutter, at the time i didnt care if i ruined them cause i was gonna get new ones, but now money is tight, if i sauter the wire they will still work fine, right?
On acoustic guitars paint will dramatically change the sound. It wont hurt the wood because it is sealed before the poly goes over it.

You could used butt-connectors to attach the wires back together tho.
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Yeah he could use connectors, or he could solder it like everyone else and it would work great.
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