So I want to put together a small portable 3-4 space rack that holds units I need to customize my sound with effects and to also provide me with an interface with my computer for recording.

I think I found the effects processor that I want, which also has a usb interface, the DigiTech GSP1101. I suppose a power conditioner would be a wise investment to go along with this unit.

Q: would there be any use in purchasing a separate dual 15 band EQ for a guitar rig?

I know that I much prefer the 4 band EQ of my Boss MT2 over the standard 3 band that my amplifier offers me. Would there be much use in adding two 15 channel EQ's? I imagine it would give me the ability to set separate rhythm and lead tones.

Thanks for the input, any further advice during this endeavor is appreciated.

Andy \m/
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If you got the cash to spare, the EQ could add unique qualities to your sounds. I didn't quite understand whether or not you were gonna get a power amp but that would be good, cause you could just buy some speakers or a cab for it. Perhaps a pre-amp, effects unit and some form of sound enhancer... all good!

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