So I am trying to learn a song a bit harder than most songs I play. This song being Domination by Symphony X.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to conquer a harder song?
Any tips on this song itself would be nice. I just seem to loose it at the intro riff sometimes
Get a metronome, and play it much, much slower, as slow as it needs to be so you play it perfectly. Then gradually build up the tempo on a metronome at maybe 5bpm more each time, not moving it up until you get it exactly right everytime at that tempo. Then carry on until you're slightly over the actual tempo. I like to do that because it gives you an extra little bit of room to play with, and makes the normal tempo more comfortable to play.
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thanks man!

that is really helpful, I try to approach it like every other song, but that does not work
what that guy said,
only make sure your hands don't get too tired,
because you'll **** up more easily then
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You can also do the opposite and download a program that slows the recording of the sing down so you are still playing along with it but at a slower tempo

Quality choice of song anyway. Try the intro to Sea of Lies next
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