i just broke my high E string down tuning. and i turned it the way so the sound was lower and when i turned it down lower it snapped. how could this have happened?

and again. i didnt turn it the wrong way.
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If your string was old anyway it's relatively likely that it should break. Messing with the tuning a lot also shortens the life of strings so that's a couple of things to bear in mind.
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Does your nut have a little sharp place in it? Because sometimes a little piece in the nut will snap a string easily... especially if it's already old.

apparently this kind of thing is often caused by bridge saddles being unlubricated, so take a pencil and rub the graphite on bridge saddles and nut, hopefully this will help

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...and if you're taking the strings off, go ahead and rub a pencil through the nut, too. It always helps.