Alright so imagine you're jamming on your bass and the cable turns in input and your amp lets out a static noise like when the cable isn't plugged into the bass and you touch something to it. So you plug it in to your other bass and it never happens. You take the back off of the first bass to check out the hardware, but nothing seems out of place...

I've had the problem bass for about 6 months, and I've just started to have this problem. If I stand still and don't move when I'm playing, the noise nevers comes, but when I'm moving around or sitting down, it becomes loud and obnoxious. Does anybody have any idea what could be wrong?
Sounds like you have a crappy solder connection in the electronics somewhere, if you ask me.
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I have the same problem. It is a short somewhere in the cord. Get a new cord or just kind of fold it under something until it stops.
sounds like a bad cord. That happened to me one time and I just replaced it and all was well.
try a different cable!
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So you plug it in to your other bass and it never happens.

It probably isnt your cable...good troubleshooting, it is MOST LIKELY your "electronics" as mentioned a bad solder point... you should now plug in your trouble bass and poke around in the electronics to see when you can make the sound happen try pinching where the wires solder to the pots or most likely where the cable plugs into the output jack that is the first thing to cause problems since it recieves the most work (plugging and un-plugging bending and such)

Ive had electronics repaired for $20 at a local shop and that was on an Active Bartolini system so i can only imagine its a cheap fix for ya

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