Horribly underrated band imo! Absolutely love 'Tiny Little Robots' and 'Ain't No Rest For The Wicked'. Anyone else agree or are fans of the band?
Yeah I also think that they are horribly underratted been listening to there album non stop they are awesome
There all good but the guitar in aint no rest is well cool i wanna see them wen they come to england in november
Open G tuning in 'aint no rest for the wicked' i think. The slide guitar just sounds so dam raw! Awesome song!
I really like them. I tried to get a ticket, but they've sold out in the venue I was going to go to. One of my friends gets to go though and interview them for my uni paper! NOT fair.
In one ear is probably my favourite.
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saw them in cambridge there awesome the energy the play with is crazy. the lead singer couldnt do any otha job lol
My friend hangs out with the third brother of the two brothers in the band.
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i watched them on later with jools holland, they were on with coldplay. And the singer forced chris? martin to up his game. Great band.