So about a week ago I changed my strings on my new guitar, Schecter C-1 Classic, and I completely messed it up, I think. I went from 9's to 10's. And now my tuning stability is completely out of whack, I can't get the guitar intonated(When I move the saddle as back as far as it'll go, it still needs to be moved more), and no matter how much I adjusted my truss rod, the neck won't straighten out.

Is there a way to fix this? Should I'm probably going to go back to 9's. Is it possible my guitar is designed for 9's? When I played on a Squier, I never had problems with setting it up after changing gauges. The think that puzzles me the most is that the tuning stability is so messed up. I'm think that maybe the strings are sitting in the nut correctly because they're a bit thicker, and this is causing them to shift and detune, but I'm really just clueless.
Well in terms of tuning stability you probably need to lubricate your nut or have the slots widened so the strings don't get stuck but for intonation I don't know what you could do. Maybe get it seen by a tech?
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