ok heres the deal, im currently saving up for a house deposit (living in the UK) and have a nice sum sitting in the bank, but seen as im still living at my folks in the mean time im seriously thinking about spunking a part of this on my dream guitar.

i think this will be the only opertunity i have left to get a fantastic guitar and almost be able to justify the expense (before council tax/bills and sensible adult responsibiltys get the better of me)
also i think some thing like a gibson custom is always going to be worth something even if i have to sell it in the future and ten or twenty years down the line i might even make a bit but thats not the point.

im not even saying im a good enough player to justify the expense but f*ck it any way

so as you guessed from the title the guitar of my wet dreams is a les paul custom, and i was just wondering if these were available new in silver burst still in the uk as i saw them advertised in an old guitar mag from 06/07 but not seen any silverbursts advertised recently

sorry for the spelling and sh*t been in pub this afternoon
Silverbursts turn green with time. And those 3 pickup Les Pauls are icky. Middle pickup gets in the way of strumming.
oh yeah iv had a strum on a few les pauls before but never with a view to seriously buying one just annoying my mate in the guitar shop on my days off.
i wont be spunking les paul custom money without playing it first
as for 3 pick ups, im talking about the 2 humbucker customs (are they available in silver burst or only 3 pups?)
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Silverbursts turn green with time. And those 3 pickup Les Pauls are icky. Middle pickup gets in the way of strumming.

I dont think the new ones do, it was the old paint oxidising afaik
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IMO i never really liked the Silver burst but assuming they aren't a full mass production model then the resale value will pretty high i would think
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yeah not really thinking about re sale i want a silverburst cos like the look but not gonna say the resale potential hasn't crossed my mind.
just wondering if they're still available in the uk?
Look in American places which do shipping to England. If you're willing to pay for a Gibson Les Paul Custom I'm assuming you're willing to pay for a bit of shipping as well.
yeah, i guess but then got the prob of trying it out before buying, would ideally like to play the thing first, willing to travel around the uk but america a bit far
There was one in an old guitar mag i've got lying around from about 2006 new for 2400 quid or around that mark. No idea if they're still selling though sorry.