I have a custom 5-string that has a crazy fat low end when I run it through our PA system. We're pushing 3 18" subs and two main PA speakers with 18's with about 4,000 watts. It'll make drywall dust fall out of cracks in the ceiling. For some reason I only get those fat low tones if I run my bass's volume knob all the way up, running only through my lower bridge pickup, then run the output directly into the board, even if I back off on the PA.

However, when I run it into my GK 1001RB amp then DI that to the PA system, I lose most of it. I hear the upper end of the growling harmonics but that fat earthquake tone gets lost. If I turn everything up enough where it does kind of shake a little, the midrange is all jacked up and everything is real touchy, too much gain.

So anyway, I don't know why I'm getting these tones in the first place. I have never heard them anywhere else on any other bass, cabinet, or PA. We like it though. If I play a C or below, it's an absolute earthquake from the sub-bass. I just don't know how to set up my amp so that I can send a signal out from it so I can shape my tone a little yet still retain that sub-bass. Any ideas?
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Boost your bass HARD on your bass itself, and if that doesn't work I'd look at the board itself for problems. Someone probably bumped a slider or turned a knob. Stuff happens, story of my life.
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Can't try it until tomorrow night but I got some seemingly good advice earlier. Apparently normal potentiometers just shoot the excess juice into ground. Supposedly if you're losing alot of fat low end, you need to make sure any pots are wide open. I noticed this on my bass, but there's another one on my amp. The DI output isn't active apparently, the far left is a -15 dB drop, and wide open is 0 dB. I've only been running this halfway up, probably getting the same effect as when I lose my sub-bass when my volume knob is only halfway up. Hopefuly cranking this up so that the pot isn't cutting out anything will fix it. Supposedly active pickups and volume pedals or whatever doesn't have this problem, it's inherent to a passive setup.
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