Ok, so my dad has had this pedal since the late 70's, all that I know about it is that it's a fuzz/sustain pedal, built like a tank, takes a 9v battery and that my dad has wanted rid of it for years. Now, I picked up a guitar a year or so ago now, and i've been after it ever since, trying to find out about it etc. He keeps claiming it's worth more than my guitar.

Basically, i was wondering if anyone out there has heard of or used one of these pedals(i'm not allowed to touch it) and could give me some idea of it's worth/tonal qualities, how good it sounds, or something to compare it to.

Any information would be greatly welcomed.

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Yeah, had one of these for years, swapped it for an original 60's red fuzz face which was getting too cranky for live work. It's done loads of gigs, still works as well as it did when I got it - only bit that's clapped out is the battery cap! The fuzz sound is literally that, not just overdrive. With the fuzz full on, the sound is a slightly smoother version of the aforementioned fuzz face, but it doesn't get as dirty or break up quite as much. Back it off and you get a sizzly distortion/crunch. There's a lot of headroom on the volume pot between bypassed level and effected - it goes a lot louder, so very handy as a booster. And it is true bypass, won't affect the signal strength of your guitar. As to value, well I've recently seen a few original 60's fuzz faces - there's only one, made by dallas arbiter, uk, anything else was a copy - going for start prices of $900 on e-bay, and these Carlsbros are even rarer (mind you, they weren't used by Jimi or Jimmy or Jeff), so it's no wonder you're dad won't let it out of his sight! Wouldn't mind finding out myself, 'cos I'm probably going to put mine on e-bay if this mxr one works out.