I just bought a Silvertone Paul Stanley Apocalypse for $229 (exact), and while working in newburgh for the waterfront festival talking to a bunch of the other guys they said i was ripped off, and that the guitar isnt worth 100 bucks. i happen to love it, and it sounds awesome but im just curious.

and also, being my first "V" shaped guitar and recommendations of songs that MUST be played or learned on it
I dont know much about silvertone, but I know theyre a very low end guitar company so it is possible you paid more than you should have for it but if you really like it then who cares? I also think you should learn cowboys from hell on it personally, cause thatd be sweet
Silvertone's were made by Sears, they were cheap originally but they are generally considered to be very well made. I think as long as you like it, it was good.
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The shape of a guitar doesn't dictate what you play on it - play whatever you want.
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well in that case 230 bucks well spent. this makes my fourth guitar now and it was the cheapest, the rest being off of samash stupidly (epiphone les paul stnd. fender stnd. strat HH, ibanez acoustic) and i friggen love the sound it has. im just really ed one of my cords died immidiatly so now no distortion pedal or wah . but oh well cheap fix.

and besides cowboys from hell, any other suggestions? (i got the song down already just working on the solo while checking this thread haha)
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The shape of a guitar doesn't dictate what you play on it - play whatever you want.

yeahhh i know, it feels right though dont ask haha, the first song i played on it was "sunshine of your love"
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