Poll: Across The Universe or The Beatles?
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37 67%
Across The Universe
2 4%
I like both :)
15 27%
Voters: 55.
I just finished watching Across The Universe...again..

I was wondering if The Pit prefered Original Beatles' recordings or the way the songs are sung in the film.

There are some that are better on both sides, so both is a decent option i guess.
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What the hell is ATU?
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There are some that are better on both sides, so both is a decent option i guess.

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i was disappointed by ATU.
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In my observations, Across The Universe had become trendy to an extent. I see many people who know the songs from the movie, and that's it. They know nothing about The Beatles but claim to based only on the movie. Then they'll go out and buy some Beatles tote bag. It's basically the same as Guitar Hero.

Whatever though, I'm happy with my position.
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[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']FUCK YES.

personally I'm not that crazy about the beatles...there ok, like a good song here and there but everythiong else just kinda "mehh"
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What the hell is ATU?

Accross The Universe.

I like the originals alot more. They ruined Mr. Kite in the movie, and what the fuck were they thinking letting bono sing i'm the walrus? Bono?! I mean come on!
I much prefer the originals, though the movie was pretty good. I hate the way they did Blackbird.

But Jeff Beck's instrumental of A Day in the Life was amazing.
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originals, definitely. but the movie was very good
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87% of the soundtrack was bleh, and 0% were better than the originals so I went with option 1.
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Basically, when I think of modern day Beatles, I think of ATU and Cirque du Soleil: Love, which has a buttload of killer songs remixed by George Martin, the Beatles' producer, and his son. Therefore Love (and Beatles) > ATU any day of the week.
I didn't like most of the ATU ones at all. The Beatles are much better.
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ATU's songs just failed for me. I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Blackbird, For The Benefit of Mr Kite, and the random snippet of Girl in the intro were just aweful, and the rest were definately sub par, with the exception of Come Together, Strawberry Fields Forever, Something, and the instrumental A Day In The Life.
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Never saw Across the Universe.

Never REALLY listened to the Beatles.

Therefore, I can't be biased to either side.

Neutrality FTW!!!
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Some were good in Across the Universe. I personally liked the remakes of For the Benifit of Mr.Kite, Revolution and Come Together, but I wouldn't go as far as saying their better than the originals.

And just because I feel like ranting, I didn't like ATU "that" much. It was alright, but I felt as though they were trying too hard to fit the songs in.
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I like the originals way better.
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