So, recording my album. I've got a newish dual core laptap, I'm going to be using Reaper, EZdrummer with Drumkit from Hell and a Pod 2.0. Bass will be recorded via mic/amp setup. It's black metal and I've gotten a really great sound with the Pod. My problem is latency. The laptop just has a stock standard Dell soundcard. There's only really one or two riffs that are noticeably affected by latency but it's enough to mess everything up. So, looks like I need an audio interface. I've been looking at the Tascam US-144 and the M-Audio Fast Track. The reviews seem to be mixed. In order to really sort this out should I be looking at something more high end? There's no rush so I can wait and save up for a while. Cheers.
For interfaces, ive heard great things about the M-Audio delta 10-10, but being as its a laptop i dont think it would work because you have to plug in the interface to the computer via a card. Im not sure if there is a laptop model out. might be worth checking in to

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I could pick one of them up for under 400euro but they're only for desktops Cheers for the help though.
I'm a fan of the M-Audio Fast Track Series. I have the Fast Track Pro and I love it. If your laptop has firewire, however, I would recommend the PreSonus Inspire interface. Not sure what the conversion to Euros is, but you can pick a new one for around $150 in the US, and a refurb for around $100.

Either way you'll notice an improvement in both latency and sound quality.
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