If you have the latest OS (10.5 or leopard) for mac you should have a program called Bootcamp Assistant. That program will basically guide you along the whole way. You have to print out the guide before you can get started, and be ready for a wait because it takes something like 4 hours to install windows.
Try googling "Parallels" its like bootcamp however it allows you to run Windows and Mac at the same time. Window runs in a new window which could be placed in another space or if you have a monitor you could have your laptop/ computer connected to it and run windows on the monitor and mac on your mac screen or visa versa
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nah i have 10.5.4 so im good with boot camp
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you could.... but you don't want to break any laws do you?

of course not...but lets say if i were to consider downloading it are there any links to windows torrents anyone could pm me?