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Everything in that is applicable to bass.

so do i just use the first four strings of the scales as the strings on my bass?
Those strings have the same notes, but you don't need to worry so much about strings - just worry about the notes and it should all fall into place naturally.
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so do i just use the first four strings of the scales as the strings on my bass?
Keep in mind that scales are not shapes. Scales are just groups of notes, and to my limited knowledge, bass's can play notes.

And the sticky sort of sucks. Hunt around MT for a post by Bangoodcharlote and click the links in her sig. Much better.
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and bass is pretty much the same as the guitar. only in a lower register.
all the theory you will find is the same for guitar and bass, and every other instrument. all of them play notes lol
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hi guys just wondering if there is something like this on the site but for bass?

Sticky: Music Theory FAQ Quide

or can you adapt any of it for bass?

if you could please help me it would be much appreciated


music theory is music theory... and is independent of whatever instrument you apply it to... so all the strictly theory stuff on that thread is worth your time

though obviously the role of bass is fundamentally different to guitar, with the application of the music theory being entirely dependent on the role of the instrument

now, I got shouted down a few days ago for having the temerity to suggest that bass was, at its core, different to guitar, with a different mindset needed to play correctly (by some guy who doesn't play both instruments, interestingly)

(apparently dancing on effects pedals and playing chords are just as fundamental to bass playing as they are guitar playing because of the shaky logic 'cliff burton once used a wah pedal and you can play chords on bass if you like')

but I stick by it... the core role of the bass is to outline the basic rhythm and harmony of a piece, so although you can take the 'bottom four strings of a guitar' approach to understand how fingerings and scale patterns look, remember that you'll be building bass lines from the bottom upward most of the time...

i'd suggest you check out the information at Talkbass for a more bass-centric view on application of theory
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Theory is universal, application can vary. +1 to Talkbass. Actually, +1 to Inflatablefilth's entire post.