hey all i was just curious as to what the essentials for songwritting are...cause i'm really interested in writting some of my own songs, but im not sure if i have the "know-how" i may be just a little sckeptical of my own abilities or something, cause in my opinion i would think you wouldn't need to know a whole lot about music to write a half decent song, but i dont really know. So if someone could make like a essential to songwritting list that would be awesome.

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NOTE - im assuming your talking about writing music rather than lyrics

if you wanted to write a song, you could do it with no theoretical knowledge whatsoever, but youd find yourself fixing lots and lots of different things trying to work out why they dont sound good, it can be done, but would take a long time, theres lots of famous musicians who had very basic or no theoretical knowledge whatsoever.
as a minimun, i would get a (actually, its all i have)
Basic knowledge of scales and keys, google does the trick
Basic knowledge of what makes up a song - usually most people know this from general knowledge or from music lessons at school
Know what a chord actually is, and how to construct them and understand them

to make songs more interesting:
Get to know a little bit about harmonizing
etc etc, the lessons on this site are generally really helpful

also, listening to a wide range of songs and being able to competently play at least one instrument will help you a lot, but thats pretty obvious.
instead of just sayin, im gonna sit down and learn some theory, try writing songs and learning about one thing at a time as you go, otherwise you will get bored and forget everything really easily
i apologize if this was no help at all
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