Please explain if you oppose to this:

I can't stand when people say to use the searchbar, it p*sses me off

sure, your topic may have been used already, but why waste 2 hours looking for that old thread that no one uses anymore? We are just trying to revitalize the topic. If someone has something to say, let them, don't constantly say "searchbar."

does anyone agree with me?
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Necro or new thread.

Either way people will moan.

Get over it?


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if it takes you 2 hours to find a thread, you shouldn't be on a computer.
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You should have used the searchbar, this was already done
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Because usually it's a thread about something that was posted 20 minutes ago. There's usually like 3 MG threads at one time and it gets bloody anoying.
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1. If it takes you 2 hours to find something using the search bar, you're not using it right.

2. When there are 575634 threads on Bigfoot in one day, we reserve the right to tell those people to use the goddamn search bar.
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I think it really depends on the topic. If a topic's covered in a new thread every hour or so, then yes, use the friggin searchbar and the original thread, but if it something that hasn't popped up in a long time, I see no point in going back ten pages in the search.
Also, if it's a topic covered in one of the forbidden threads, just don't post it. Easy as that
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Its lame.
The search bar sucks, but you must obey it.

Just like this administration.

...too out of the blue?
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Because it pisses me off when I see the same thread more then once in the same say.

Sometimes. When you see a thread pop up thats been done about 2 days ago, it is annoying. But sometimes you can't win... you start a new thread? Go to the old one. Bump the old one? Stop bumping old threads.

Being told use the ONLY threads is often annoying as well, cos I've been totally ignored when I've asked a question.
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You should have used the searchbar, this was already done

damn u bet me to what i was gonna say!

shut up you moaning git.. if your going to be part of a forum, you have to put up with ****ty memes and what ever.. so suck it up or gtfo!
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Hearing the same "news" 4 times a day simply because the original thread slipped off the first page for 30 seconds is a bit tedious.

Hitting the search tab and doing a wee search in the pit takes you all of 30 seconds and saves valubale Pit space.
Searchbar is indeed FTW. You´re right about that.
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i really dont see a point to this thread.

its not going to stop people from telling others to use the search bar.

a lot of times the people saying "use the search bar" are right.