So i just realized ive been a UG member and forum goer for over three years and ive only had 1 contribution and under 150 posts. Hooray for inactivity!

Who else finds themselves unmotivated inactive?
i have a few tabs lying around that i know are 100 % correct but ive been too lazy to post them all well ill do it later
i am inactive! yay! but recently i've started to post more as i have more free time
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Haven't contributed anything, about 800 posts. If it counted Pit posts, it would probabaly be double that.
i think i have 20 posts in the "real" forums
they dont count the pit posts, otherwise id have like 12309754

i suck
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I've lurked the forums since 2006 and just had the motivation to join last month. It doesn't help that '08ers have a TERRIBLE impression
Two contributions. I've been here, what, five years? And lurked even before that.

I'm feeling acomplished.
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No contributions on my part, but i float around in the pit.
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I submitted one tab after someone half assed a song, so I corrected it.

Of course, mine was also half assed, but correct. That's it though....
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