hi. i really want a Japanese Epiphone les paul but i cant seem to find one anywhere in the uk! anyone know where i can get one?
I think MIJ things are only sold in Japan.
It's same with MIJ Fenders.
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damn. yeah ive heard that it was only made for the japanese market but i was wondering if any shops sold them in the uk. those things look so nice though
Ebay always has MIJ Epis, usually new. Only problem is that you can't try them out before you buy them.

If you can't find any, remember that you guys still have Edwards, which poop all over LTD over here in the US.
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You mean the Elitist series?

You should be able to find some at Epiphone retailers.
yeah. that might be a good idea. but i have quite a low budget. ive had a look and they are all from japan or switzerland and getting a guitar through the postage costs alot on top of the postage price. but id have enough for the guitar :P
are the japanese epiphones as good as elitist? or why do people praise them so much?
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does MIJ = Elitist?
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