Here is a song that i wrote on my own in a few hours

Its not quite finnished, missing some solos and an outro, also lyrics and percussion

Also do you guys reckon, when recorded/performed live, this song would be adequate to attain a good grade for music GCSE coursework

Hope guys and girls like it !

Edit: sorry dude, downloaded ur song like 2 mins ago and uploaded metal song.zip rather than nicks song.zip.

It was your song that reminded me to upload mine LOL

Edit 2: Its Fixed now
Nicks song.zip
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You may have waited a bit more before you upload, because in this development stage it's quite hard to see what the piece has going for it. There are various styles in which you can take it, southern/groove metal stuff (as indicated by the use of pentatonics) is one way I can see this successfully go if you clean it up. I included a quick drabble on how I'd spin the riffs in that direction (modded: intro solo riff, rhythm solo riff). The other riffs seem to indicate a more metalcore direction, but again, it's pretty much lost in the mud. Redo Redo Redo. If you know what style you're aiming for, the best advice I can give you is to analyze songtabs of other bands in that style so you'll quickly get a handle of the characteristics riffs and how to arrange stuff in a coherent manner.

Concerning GCSE gradework, being not british I can't comment. but being a human with functioning ears I'd advise against turning this in (no putdown, maybe it'll shine with more revisions). Also, again I don't know how you guys handle it, but getting music graded for GCSE is a bit more than "here's my song teacher, hope you'll like it" ? I imagine rather it must show that you have learned something in music class (you know, at least basic adherence to some common structural/harmonic concepts), otherwise how would it be graded. I had some composing to do for my german A-levels, and had to go to ridiculous lengths to explain to the examiners the theoretical framework behind my little songs, after all they wanted to see if I had really understood the material I was supposed to learn. I imagine for something like this it would be best to make a really simple composition in an easy (manageable) style, be it a popsong or a classical guitar diddle. Make notes all along the way, like a leadsheet (songstructure (verse, bridge, chorus, etc..) and chords, and notated melody) and a style framework: Orchestration (what instruments I use in that style), Arrangement (what job the instruments have), Harmony (like are there any special chord progressions in that style), Rhythm (what are the key rhythms of that style),etc. For example if you have somewhere in the piece a G7 chord leading back into a C chord, you can't just say 'well that's how I felt it, sounded good', better say 'the tension created by the B-F tritonus in the Vdom7 chord releases into the C-E major third of the tonic chord in halfstep movements, thus giving the listener a sense of resolution, a common move in classical and contemporary western music'. At least that's how we handled it here. If you don't have to sit through such rigorous examination, do your thing
Its not bad overall, but i really wasn't digging the synth/keys (whatever). Or the open chords at the start. I really liked the tapping bit. The double rythm attack in the verse (43-52) was pretty cool.

If you can't write drum tracks you could just cut one or two bars from another song and use them over and over again. (dont tell anyone it was my idea) At lest that way you'll have some sort of rythmic backing.

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