so ive memorized the major and moinor panatonic scales and can move through the scales quickly, its just i dunno how to turn the riff in my head into the sound coming out of my amp...like i dunnno how to use the scales to make the solo...HELP!!!! thanks in advance
Learn a bunch of your favorite solos BY EAR. You dont have to get them exact, just the same basic idea. Keep doing that and you'll get better. It takes time to get a good feel for it.
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Like are you talking about just playing over a backing track or chord progression? Or just using the scales to write something epic?
Think about what you want to play in your head before you play it (I'm talking about while you're improvising, not beforehand).
if you want to go the theory route, you could learn about intervals and how they work in terms of melody and harmony. it'll help you know which notes affect the melody in which way.

but you should also learn solos from tab AND by ear, so that you can get a good feel for what you need to do while playing the scales in order to make it sound cool.