I am fixing up a Venture semi-hollowbody guitar for a guy who wants a total electronic overhall. Only thing he wanted to keep are the pups and the switch. It was wired like an 335, 2 pups,2 volumes, 2 tones, three way switch. He wants to keep that configuation, but the pickups only have to wires coming out of them, a white wire and the bare wire. How would I wire that up? I was planning to use this
But these pups ony have a white wire and a bare! could the be single coils? regardless, how can I implement 2 pups,2 volumes, 2 tones, three way switch?
Use that diagram, but pretend the red and white wires soldered and taped off aren't in the diagram.

The bare is ground, the white wire (not in the diagram) is hot. Not all hb's are 4-conductor, and not all use those color codes.
Don't panic! Many humbuckers (especially old stock ones) only have two wires coming from the pickup. You can still use that diagram.

> Your bare wire is ground. Wire the bare wire just like the SD diagram.
> Your white wire is hot. Wire the hot just like the black in the diagram.
>The red and white wires you see in the diagram are already connected inside your pickup. You don't have to do anything with them.

Edit: this is what happens when I read a post then go eat dinner before replying... Jim beats me to it!
In that diagram ther is a green wire, a black wire and a bare wire. I only have a white wire and a bare wire. I disregarded the taped off ones, not that much of a noob lol.
In the SD diagram, the green and bare both go to ground. These correspond to your bare wire.

In the SD diagram, the black is hot. This corresponds to your white wire.
Oh, yeah, thanks man. I feel like an idiot for not seeing that.