I ended up buying a $300 Line 6 Spider III online. It sucks!!! The sound is horrible, and the tone is out of tune with the guitar (anyone else notice this?)

I'm returning it to guitar center and looking for another amp. Can anyone recommend me good one for the $300 - 500 price range?

It's only for bedroom practice, but I want a good quality sound.

Since you got a spider I'm assuming you like metal? How bout a cube? The 30x would be great for you.
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For bedroom practice its hard to beat the fender champ xd.
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Roland Cube 60 or Vox AD50VT.
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I think the answer's a cube! Rock on. Ya I'm into metal, but I also like some blues and jazz as well. I hope the cube can handle that.

But either way this spider sucks man. The sound is TERRIBLE. I think I'm going for the cube 60. Thanks everyone.
Well the cube clean channel is modelled off the famous Roland Jazz Chorus series, a standard amongst many jazz players. So I would bet that that wouldn't be too bad.

The Cube is better at hi-gain stuff, I wasn't too impressed with the blues models on it. Tweed isn't too bad though.
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For bedroom practice its hard to beat the fender champ xd.

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Roland Cube is very good but Fender champ is all tube whereas Cube is SS modeling... It's all about your needs after all...