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Searched for this but couldnt find a thing...Which guitar shape is best to you? A v shape an explorer or a strat like? Im having a hard time to decide the guitar shape for my next guitar maybe this can help. I like Vs personally but there arent much in my country.
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I used to like BC Rich Warlocks... Then i bought one and started hating them. In terms of cool-looking, I'd have to say V's, SG's and some custom-made guitars with absurdly freaky bodies.
Strat shape. Why I play mostly a Les Paul it's for the tone. The shape is pretty good, but too back heavy and lacks upper fret acess. Strats are the most balanced shape IMO.
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^ I don't know why people struggle with playing V's sitting down. They're more comfortable to play, for me, than Strats.

The Rhoads V design and the Ibanez RG shapes are my favorite, although the superior playing of the Ibanez S series has forced me to order one. =D
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I love unique variations on "normal" shapes. i do have a soft spot for extremes though; my heart comes to a compromise to settle on the reverse explorer shape <3 (the jackson kelly coming in as a close second)
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As far as pure-playability is concerned (and ignoring things like more mass = bigger tone), then it's easily the good ol' Strat shape. Just so f*cking comfortable and perfect to play. The Strat has never been bettered for comfort, in my opinion. Yeah, there's smaller guitars (Flying V and what have you), but they've always been too far down the "small body" route for me, to the point when they start getting neck heavy, and/or feel impossibly sh*t to rest on your leg whilst sitting down.

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Super-strat shape for me.

What's the difference between a Super-Strat shape and just a Strat-shape? I understand the difference in the actual guitars themselves (pickups, etc), but aren't the shapes pretty much identical? I mean, no Super-Strat is shaped more differently from a normal Fender Strat than a random Strat-copy which isn't allowed to exactly copy Fender's shape, is it? Super-Strats tend to have gay exaggerated horns and what have you, but it's only a tiny difference, surely? Like, I class a Jackson Randy Rhoads and a Gibson Flying V as the same 'shape', even though they're slightly different. To my mind, there are only a few general electric guitar 'bodies/shapes', from which all guitars are derived. In no particular order:

Steinberger (the tiny little headless one)
Les Paul
ES-355 (semi-hollow)
Flying V

That's pretty much it. I would count the Jackson Rhoads under 'Flying V', and would just count Ibanez RGs (etc) under Stratocaster, if we're just talking 'shape'.
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Also I go crazy over Billy Gibbon's signature Gretsch, but I'm probably never gonna get one of those.

Otherwise, I like Icemans, Explorers, and Mockingbirds.
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in order from best to worst

stupid stuff like reverse V

EDIT: SG shape must be in there somewhere, maybe better than LP or directly under im not sure which

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Jackson Kelly FTW!!

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There are only 2 shapes i really like,

Explorer, and Schecter Avenger
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ESP RS, the Jackson Warrior is a bit pointy to me.
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Either the ESP EX (pointy!) or the RR from Jackson, i hate all strats and super strat and tele shapes, they are too generic and ugly
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the ibanez s thin bodies.
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The most comfortable....

Either PRS Custom or Fender Strat.

I also like Explorer shapes. They just aren't as comfortable as others.
Explorer or superstrat
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