this is my first post here so im sorry if this is the wrong section (mods, please redirect if necessary)

im having a lot of problems with gettin the real-time sound with my vista computer. im using the adobe audition 3, i have tried all sorts of combinations but get get the realtime monitoring.
what is even worse, when i used to have the XP just after pluggin POD into the sound card i could jam, now i see the bar going up and down but there is no sound at all. only when using AA3 i can get some sound but it is very delayed. any ideas how can i get it going??

i tried using the USB cable with monkey drivers but didnt get any sound at all. now im looking for the optical cable to see if i can use digital-in on my sound card (auzentech prelude 7.1 with newst drivers). the problem is that i have two different optical cables but the adapter you put on it does not fit the input on the X3.

do you guys know where can i get the optical cable to connect POD with the sound card?? i couldnt find it on line6 webstie. thanks for your answers here.