Hey Guys,

Picking up the acoustic again, and my old school Ovation is crap. Looking at Craislist for a few, and found an Alvarez RD8 and a Sigma Martin DR. They don't say which DR though. Does anyone have experiences with any of these?


I own the RD8 and it is quite sextacular.

You'd have a fine guitar if you bough that one.

I know dick about these things though.
Are they similarly priced? The 000-1 should be considerably more expensive.
Yes, I own a DR1-ST (solid top), and with a TUSQ saddle it sounds awesome for $250.

Also, used to own a D-1 and it was awesome too. If you can pick that 000-1 up for less than $450 its a good price. They are solid top and back, but laminate sides.
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I'm not really crazy about the Martin Sigmas, but if this is an 000-1 and not a Sigma then that is a completely different guitar.
Sorry for the wait. Not a Sigma, it is a Martin 000-1 for right at $500. The pictures are crap, but I figure I'd ride out there for a look.